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Why don't you focus on "tactical training"? 
  While I have been a police officer and training officer for many years, we focus on training "civilians" and civilians just aren't in situations which require tactical training.  We are all influenced by what we see on television and in the movies and all the "tactical moves" look cool, but we train real people for real life situations.
Should I buy a gun for self defense before I take the concealed carry course? 
  We recommend that you bring a handgun that you already own or borrow a one to certify with for your class as we discuss many topics in our concealed carry certification class that may strongly impact your decision as to which gun you decide to carry.
How does this luxury car rental offer work?
  For those flying in we have discount for our students at the local airports firm. Just mention to us when booking your class you would like to rent a car from the luxury car hire location and we will set you up with or a big Range Rover SUV or a nice Ferrari / Porsche for your visit.
What is the best firearm to obtain for home defense? 
  It depends on you, your home and layout, where you live, and many other important considerations.  The type of ammunition should be considered as well.  We can't really give you a definitive answer without knowing specifics.  Contact us and we will assist you with your decision. 
I heard that you give free classes.  Is that true?
  Yes.  From time to time, we give free Women's defense classes and youth firearm safety classes.  For many years we had free youth training every summer.  Contact us for more information.
Do you offer one-on-one, individual training?
  Absolutely!  Contact us and let us know the specifics and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Can people with physical disabilities participate in your classes?
  Of course.  We will make reasonable accommodations for anyone with a physical disability.  People with physical disabilities can learn to handle firearms safely and proficiently.  They can also learn to protect themselves without firearms.  We can show you how!

Comments from a few of our students:

"Walked into [a] concealed handgun class thinking I would get a certificate to carry a gun and use it if my life was threatened.  But I have learned more than expected, the function of the gun, the safe, proper way to handle the firearm and proper way of handling situations.  I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to get there [sic] permit."
"The class was excellent all around. Ken and Roger are very knowledgeable about the laws, safety, and mechanics of many firearms. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone eligible because it is good information to know all around for life experiences." Calvin A.
"I was very excited to take this class. It was very enjoyable and I have learned a lot about concealed weapons. Several people in my family have concealed carry certifications, I fell I have better knowledge of guns and the law on weapons. You both are excellent instructors. Thanks you for the class." Wanda F.
"I enjoyed your class(12/13/08).I believe the information you present on the legal aspects of concealed carry are, as you stressed, the most important part. Mindset being next. The benefits of NRA membership are fantastic. my son recently completed a CC class in Tenn. and was not nearly as informed. Thanks to you, I can enlighten him. Thanks again," Chris L.
"I feel Roger put on a very good class as far as the laws are involved. Some other friends were trying to get me to take a 2 hr class but I feel Roger went over more safety points and gun rules that other people giving the class. When carrying a gun I geel there should be no short cuts." - Stan
"Excellent speakers, presentation. Taught me as I was a sister or mother." Frances M.

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