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What classes does RLR Firearms Instruction Offer?
A better questions would be,
What Don't We Offer?!
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Handgun
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Concealed Carry
  • Non-lethal Self Defense
  • Individual
  • Small Group
  • One-on-one
  • Public
  • Private
We'll even design a class especially for YOU!
Other services offered:
  • Classes at your location
  • Firearm appraisal
  • Security inspections and consultations
  • Security equipment installations
  • Ask!
"I took the concealed weapon permit class on 4/19/14. Roger made it very interesting and it was very informative. He made sure that everyone in the class understood everything. He gave us a lot of pointer on how and why there are very important steps to take in handling your gun and why other people should not handle it. I enjoyed this class and came away from the class very happy."   Tammy L.

Some Student Comments:
"Thank You Roger for a informative and a eye opening concealed weapon class, It's been 30 years since I picked up a pistol, and your class opened my eyes to the importance of protecting my home and my family. It also gave me the
correct knowledge I need to handle a firearm with respect and pride.

Thank you for all of your wisdom and years of service to our community..."

Sincerely, Don D.
"The instructions for concealed weapons carry were presented in a very professional, yet comfortable manner. Mr. Richards and Mr. Fulton treated every student in the class with respect and gave very valuable information in regards to personal safety & the safety of protecting others. Every situation discussed was geared around safety and obeying the laws that govern concealed carry weapon." Karen K
"Great class. I had good expectations going in, and it exceeded them. It not only increased my knowledge level, but also confidence with having a firearm." Scott L.

"Very informative & laid back atmosphere. Definitely worth the trip from Columbus [Ohio]. Instructors are knowledgeable and can provide truth to the privilege of a CC permit." Matt K.

"I will surely tell all my family & friends how informative & how interesting this class is." Basil T W. "I learned a lot of new laws and things that I thought was [sic] OK to do isn't anymore. Also liked the safety you pushed!" Thomas G. K.

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