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That's where I come in.  With over 30 years of experience, I have the expertise, knowledge, and ability to teach anyone - no matter their level of knowledge or experience - what they need and want to know to safely and proficiently handle all kinds of firearms for all purposes.  I bring a real-life dimension to your training - especially in my concealed carry instruction. I won't waste your time and I promise that you will receive instructor led, professional, face-to-face, personal instruction that focuses on safety and proficiency.  

Hi, I'm Roger Richards.  
You know, firearms have many purposes from hunting and target shooting to self defense and concealed carry.  Years ago, most people were familiar with firearms and knew how to handle and use them safely because they grew up in rural areas where guns were used on a regular basis.  Children were taught about guns from their parents as a matter of course.  

Over the years, society has changed and fewer people grow up around guns.  Most people don't use firearms frequently and have never been taught how to use them.

Don't settle for less, train with the best.  I look forward to meeting you and providing you with the best firearms training available.
Roger has been certified in all aspects of firearms for over 30 years and has certifications from many different shooting academies including certifications from the National Rifle Association for handguns and rifles. He holds a Bachelors Degree in criminal law and is a certified Range Safety Officer. Roger is a distinguished expert in firearms marksmanship and has spoken to and instructed in Criminal Justice classes and given seminars at countless universities and colleges.

The knowledge gained through his background and experience makes his classes rich with practical information for beginners and seasoned gun people alike. Roger is a serious and devoted instructor.

He has compassion for children and their safety and believes in instructing youth of all ages on the proper usage of firearms. He has spent thousands of dollars and given countless hours of instruction for our youth's safety, all at no charge.



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